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5-a-side Football Pitch Sector D (Calle Nogales) 

The football pitch will open for public use on Monday 11th October 2021, from 09:00 to 20:00 hrs.

It will initially be available to adults from 09:00 until 15:00 hrs.

Children up to 16 years of age will be able to use it from 15:00 to 20:00 hrs.

Vehicle parking, ​​​​​​Please respect the neighbours and park on the football-pitch side of the road.

More work is planned for the completion of the sport’s area, but this should not interfere with the use of the pitch.

Manhole covers 

A report was recently lodged by Laboratorios Lokímica, the company contracted by Mazarrón Council for municipal pest control, the report highlighted concerns that various treatments could not be carried out as numerous manhole covers on public roads around the urbanisation could not be opened to access sewer runs where cockroaches etc colonise, the Council’s Environment department asked for a breakdown of the situation and in return a list containing some 178 manholes was provided by Lokímica.

The list contains the reason each cover is inaccessible, either asphalted over, cracked/broken or jammed this could be because of asphalt or concrete ingress or the transit retainer strip not been removed on installation making opening virtually impossible without digging the manhole and frame out of the road.

The Council have instructed Aqualia who are responsible for the covers on public roads to investigate, this is currently underway and many problem covers have already been remedied.

Council approves funding for asphalting Camposol dual carriageway. 

 At the Council Pleno (Full meeting) yesterday 31st August funding of 808,000 euros was approved for the asphalting and improvement of the section of Avenida de los Covachos running through sectors C & D of the urbanisation.

Initial enquiries indicate that funding for the works will not be part of the 2.9 million euros received through court proceedings in July (covered in the “Big News for Camposol Urbanisation” article in the Home section of this site), instead the funds will be part of a PSOE/UIDM package of improvements to infrastructure, services and historic buildings throughout the municipality, the 9.8 million euro package was proposed as a Credit modification including 23 projects by Councillor for Urbanismo, Gines Campillo, who outlined the various plans and benefits , Mazarrón Mayor, Gaspar Miras explained that the goal is to improve the infrastructure and services and enhance the municipality’s image as a destination and that the planned investment block consisting of 23 projects that will take place by the end of 2022, although some of the works, foreseeably, “will take a little longer”.

Policia Local recruits 

On 18th August twelve new trainee officers for Mazarrón Policia Local were inaugurated by Mazarrón Council, these are the first recruits to the Mazarrón local police ranks for 13 years since 2008 which has been reflected in enforcement shortcomings in recent years, but with the current force numbering 24 the new recruits represent a 50% increase.

The recruitment procedure has taken over 12 months, after over 400 applications were received for the new positions, the new recruits will not be ready for patrol duty for some time until they have completed their training.

Recently, the Local Police has a canine patrol at its disposal via special services and is working on increasing resources through drones.

Big News for Camposol Urbanisation

The question has been asked many times – What happened to the bank Bonds/Guarantees lodged by constructor Justo y Manoli SL (Grupo MASA), to fund finalisation of incomplete construction?

With the demise of Grupo MASA subsidiary and Camposol developer Justo y Manoli SL in 2015 it was thought that the bonds had sunk along with the company, but a court case which has its roots in events occurring nearly 12 years ago and has been rumbling on ever since has finally reached a conclusion and in the past few days Mazarrón Council has received just under 3 million euros (2,914,474.28) to be spent on works towards the completion of the urbanisation.

It should be pointed out that the award is not compensation or an ex gratia type of payment, the funds will have to be used according to the parameters defined in the court ruling which refer to technical reports supplied by Mazarrón Council architects, engineers and technicians, any attempt to divert the funds to other projects will open the door for the appellants (see below) to attempt a clawback of funds as happened the last time Mazarrón Council managed to execute bond funds in 2014 when 400,000€ had to be returned.

The original Court case was actually resolved in the Council’s favour some years ago but has been subject to multiple appeals by the Justo y Manoli bankruptcy administrator (Auren Concursal SLP) and the bond treasurer bank (Banco Santander SA), this culminated on 3rd November 2020, when appeals by both of the above were dismissed by the Murcia Superior Court of Justice (TSJ), this ruling did allow for further appeal but in June of this year Santander signalled that they were willing to settle for the full amount of the outstanding bonds, nearly 3 million euros which will be ring fenced for use only as intended on the Camposol urbanisation.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Camposol will agree that this amount will not solve all the problems that beset the urbanisation, indeed the Court commented that technical reports and costings submitted by Mazarrón Council up to 2011/2012 for unfinished urbanisation works amounted to over 8.9 million euro however the bonds available did not reach that figure.

Mazarrón Council will now examine the reports and guarantees which extends to over 700 documents and over a 1000 pages to ensure the funds are applied to the correct projects which will then be prioritised according to current needs, this is in the knowledge that part of the appeal allegation from the bankruptcy administrator was that (translation) “the execution of guarantees is not possible for purposes other than those for which they were issued, the content arguments must be adhered to in the appeal judgment” indicating that the administrator is alert to the fact the funds are to be used solely for completion of unfinished works or projects contained in the original plan for the public urban infrastructure and not remedial construction, maintenance work or new projects not covered in the guarantee documents and reports.

Comment from Silvana Buxton, Mazarrón Councillor for Camposol

This is great news we have been following the Court progress for some time, it seemed like a roller coaster but the outcome is welcome news for all Camposol residents and homeowners, it obviously will not solve all our problems but will make a big difference we just have to be careful the funds are used in the correct way, the Council are aware of the Court ruling and we will take advice from the Council technical and legal advisors.

Further announcements will be made as information becomes available.

Press Release – Councillor for Camposol, Silvana Buxton 

“The news about the 2.9 million euros finally being settled after a very long struggle through the courts is great news, although the amount will not solve all Camposol’s problems it will make a big difference, we will of course have to be careful how and where the funds are used as the court parameters are well defined, specifying the work identified in the guarantees and technical reports, we don’t want to repeat the events in 2014 when 400,000 euros had to be returned.

Usually, this news would be released through the Town Hall’s English language webpage, but unfortunately the Jefe de Prensa (Press Officer) position is vacant and the recruitment procedure is still ongoing, the news broke through the Camposol Fact Crusader website as they have been tracking the progress of the case through public court records.

At the moment the Council’s legal and technical departments are going through the sea of documentation and further announcements will be made as information becomes available

 With reference to the post entered this morning (appearing below), nowhere in the text was anyone from Camposol accused of damaging the electrical equipment, nor was any blame implied to anyone from Camposol, the posting was published to inform residents and homeowners of the situation encountered by the technical crew when they arrived and attempted to restore the street lighting that had been reported as not working and also to alert local neighbours to be aware that vandalism of the service boxes (which are in the pavements) was occurring and ask anyone witnessing any suspicious activity to call the police.

WHY ? ? ?  No Lights in Some Areas of Camposol.

After many years of homeowners complaining about the lack of street lighting on the Camposol urbanisations public roads, Mazarrón Council has over the last 18 months commissioned numerous technical reports on the situation, the results were that some circuits were not up to spec and replacement parts were not available, some did not have contracts, some were working but not legal, but many circuits simply needed replacement equipment (bulbs, fuses etc) and in March/April of this year the Council contracted a company of electrical engineers to undertake a full service of the urbanisation, this started on D Sector moving on to C then B then A, then finished all street lighting that could be illuminated legally and with available parts were lit.

Within days, reports were registered by residents with Linea Verde of street lights not working on A Sector, the Council dispatched technicians who found that the problem was service points had been opened and cables were being cut and in a few cases lengths of cable stolen (photos posted in previous articles), while the theft of cable is illegal it does happen, but the technicians could not understand why cables are being cut for the sake of it, repairs were carried out and lighting was restored where possible.

In recent weeks reports have been received of street lighting failure on parts of C Sector, today (20th July) technicians were dispatched for the day and carried out a sweep of the area stocked with available replacement equipment, unfortunately this was of little use as what they found was that 8 to 10 service points situated around Calles Retama, Ibiscum and Buganvilla had been opened and cables deliberately severed and sabotaged, they are at a loss as to why this would happen and do not currently have the time or manpower to repair the damage.

So, the question is after all the years of darkness who would want to deliberately sabotage the lighting infrastructure, if anyone sees anything suspicious or has information related to the damage, please phone 112 and report the incident, the sooner the culprits are caught the better, Mazarrón Council does not have the resources to continue repairing this hooliganism.


Update from Silvana Buxton, Mazarrón Councillor for Camposol and International Relations

Following on from the previous articles in this section “PUBLIC STREET LIGHTING “A SECTOR” – A WHO DONE IT MYSTERY.” and “WHY DON’T ALL THE STREETLIGHTS WORK?

Recently reports were received from residents and a neighbourhood patrol on Sector A of streetlights not working on Calles Santiago de Compostela, Burgos, Huesca, El Saladillo, inspection covers had also been removed, technicians were dispatched by the Council on arrival they found that cable inside the access point at the junction of Calles Burgos and Santiago de Compostela had been deliberately and crudely cut (see photograph taken by technicians below) not only is this dangerous it is a criminal offence, anyone witnessing suspicious activity around streetlighting equipment should call the Police on 112 and ask for English speaking (Habla inglés?).


LINEA VERDE – reporting a problem 

Mazarrón Council have an online facility for reporting a wide variety of problems that would usually involve filling in forms and delivering them physically to the Town Hall for registration.

Problems can be reported on the following subjects:-

Aceras y calzadas – Pavements and roads

Alumbrado – Street Lighting

Basuras – Refuse

Limpieza viaria – Street cleaning

Mobiliario urbano – Urban furniture

Parques y jardines – Parks and gardens

Puntos de agua – Water points

Señales y semáforos – Signs and traffic lights

Vandalismo – Vandalism

Alcantarillado – Sewerage

Control de gaviotas/palomas – Seagull / pigeon control

Plagas de insectos y roedores – Insect and rodent pests

Abastecimiento (Agua potable) – Water supply (Drinking water)

Animales Abandonados – Abandoned animals

Playas – Beaches

Recogida de muebles y ensures – Collection of furniture and furnishings

Retirada de vehículos – Abandoned vehicle removal

Ruidos – Noises

Otros – Others

Tráfico y Movilidad – Traffic and Mobility

To report a problem, you need to be registered, which only takes a few minutes on the initial report, to register click on this link  http://www.lineaverdemazarron.com/lv/incidencias_online.asp  

then click on the subject you want to report, on the next page click on “Regístrese”, on the next page enter a user name (Usuario, no spaces), a Password (which must contain between 8 – 12 characters with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number), repeat the Password (Repetir clave) and enter your e-mail address, click to accept the privacy policy (Acepto la Política de Privacidad, it is available to read in Spanish if required by clicking on “Política de Privacidad”) click to confirm you are not a robot, then click on “Registrar”, you will then receive an e-mail at the address you provided confirming your user name and password, you can now report problems online in Spanish or English.



Further to postings in this section including “Street Lighting” and “Why don’t all the street lights work?”

After many years of neglect and abandonment by previous Council’s the current Council have spent the last 18 months trying to find solutions to the complicated and thorny issue of public street lighting on the urbanisation, this has involved numerous investigations and reports uncovering serious and sometimes unexpected inadequacies in the lighting systems, some of which are lighting circuits with no licence or contract, failed equipment where parts are no longer available, cable and equipment missing or stolen, in some cases chewed through by vermin and circuits and equipment which have been altered without authorisation.

Now that a clearer picture is available Council technicians along with electrical contractors Mazelec have started to re-establish lighting on circuits which are licenced and legal and where replacement parts are available, the work started on D Sector and is currently moving on to C Sector South where some lights have been illuminated which have not been working for 14 years or more, it is hoped that when the current work is completed all circuits that are legally and physically capable of illumination will be working.

Work will continue towards getting the rest of the lights on public roads in working order although this may take some time as new contracts or changes to some existing equipment will involve the drawing up of works projects which will have to be processed by the Town Hall, the Regional Government’s Trade and Industry Department and approved and commissioned by Iberdrola.


At the Council Pleno (full attendance) Meeting on 23rd February 2021 Mayor Gaspar Miras gave a Dación de Cuentas account for 2020 which is in a manner of speaking a State of the Municipality address for 2020, the first full financial year of the current Town Council, the Mayor has a time allocation of 20 minutes before Pleno business started, facebook users can see a video of the speech (in Spanish) on this link


The Mayor started by explaining the various projects that were being initiated in the municipality in the early months of 2020 including the X-ray machine and 24 hour emergency cover during the summer months at the Port Health Centre, he went on to talk about the arrival and ongoing consequences of the pandemic and the affect it had on Council plans and projects, inflicting changes and uncertainty through all council departments, but went on to say (Translation)

“Despite this, works were carried out such as the rehabilitation of the “Adrián Adame” garden, the construction of the garden next to the Mazarrón Day Centre, construction of a sports court in Camposol, asphalting the Recuenco road in Majada, installation of a new water pipe on the way to Coquela, new electrical and lighting installation in the Playasol Stadium, acquisition of the property and the Guardia Civil headquarters in Mazarrón, construction of a children’s playground next to the Camposol Health Centre, calisthenics track on the Paseo de El Rihuete,”

The Mayor continued speaking about the other changes and re-tasking of council staff COVID had forced on usual council routine, including (Translation)

“The state of alarm led to the closure of the Cañada de Gallego and Camposol medical centres which, after the first wave of infections had passed, re-established their opening after Mazarrón Town Council carried out works to adapt to the Covid measures required by the health authorities.”

In Camposol’s case the adaption included bespoke screening and the construction of a separate isolation entrance costing over 50,000€.

The Mayor talked about the closing of schools and other services during the pandemic and the financial aid provided to small and medium sized businesses and self-employed a fund of 1,000,000€ has been allocated and also people in vulnerable situations (Translation).

“A social fund amounting to 600,000 euros was also approved to help vulnerable families due to the situation, providing food aid, assistance, rentals, supply of medicines, transfers, etc.

In these last tasks, the help of the Local Police, Protección Civil, the Red Cross, Cáritas and Nuevo Rumbo, as well as the workers of the Social Services department of our Town Council, having played a leading role. My big thanks to all of them.”

The address concluded with a fiscal balance explanation with an expected surplus of just under 4 million euros, The Mayor ended with (Translation)

“These numbers demonstrate the increase in expected revenue and the containment of spending during the year. As well as the economic-financial strength of our Town council to undertake development projects for our municipality in the future.”

The Mayor has previously voiced his ambition to set out a project to overhaul the street lighting infrastructure for the whole municipality including Camposol at the same time incorporating the facility to upgrade to an LED format.

Mazarrón Council in collaboration with contractors Lokímica Laboratories have published a guide in English with instructions in dealing with pest control (Mosquitos, cockroaches, rats etc) including areas of responsibility, although in the past the Council and Lokímica have treated problems on private property the matter of insurance cover against injury and damage was not clear, this has now been clarified, here is a link to the guide, copies are available from the Town Hall and Camposol Social Centre.


The following Notice has been published by Mazarrón Council via the Camposol Office explaining the Council’s legal situation in regard to the internal poligono roads which are widespread throughout the urbanisation with the exception of a handful of poligonos on Sector A, while there is a school of thought that insists the internal roads are not the responsibility of the homeowner until the whole urbanisation is finished, in fact the internal roads and communal elements and installations became the responsibility of the poligono homeowners and potential homeowners when the first home owner on each poligono took possession of their property from the developer, the usual procedure would have been for the Community of Owners for each poligono referred to in the individual property deeds to have been formalised and initiated as the communal roads and elements came into use, failure to complete the internal roads and installations would be a breach of contract between the property purchasers and developer and could have been actionable by individual purchasers or the Community of Owners.

A similar information notice is being distributed to unit owners and businesses in B Sector Commercial Centre, these notices have been compiled by the Mazarrón Council Letrado (Lawyer)




The POLÍGONOS/MANZANAS in the Camposol Urbanization are private, complying with the Horizontal Property Act 1960 and as registered with the Local and Regional archives, therefore it is the responsibility of the owner/s of the properties therein, or where appropriate of the Community of Owners, to deal with the maintenance, the cleaning and the conservation of the common areas corresponding to each polígono. 

Therefore, the duty of conservation, maintenance, cleaning etc. of all the communal spaces within each area, corresponds to the owners and/or to the Community of Owners.

Likewise, the owner/s, or the Community of Owners, would be responsible for any damage or harm that may be caused to a third party within the area in question.

More information can be obtained from the ‘Catastro’ website, which will also show the individual percentage pro rata per each plot.

Pig Farm Traffic Prohibited

For many years the Torrecilla pig farm to the north of C Sector North has used the roads of Camposol as access to the RM-3 motorway, there was a period where a lull in the amount of HGV traffic was witnessed when the farm owner at the time agreed to use an alternative route to the Cañada del Romero road, but in recent years with a new owner the traffic returned with a vengeance causing not only noise and odour nuisance to homeowners near the access gate on Calle Retama, sometimes starting at 6am in the morning, but excessive wear and damage to roads on the perimeter of C Sector North and other roads on the route including the precarious bridge between Sectors B and C

The amount of heavy traffic to and from the farm seemed unrelenting and included articulated livestock lorries ladened with pigs, daily feed deliveries, waste removal and the dreaded “Carcass” lorry the smell from which was described by one local home owner as “Evil even through triple glazed windows”.

In early 2020 residents from Calle Retama and Calle Embalse del Judio approached Camposol Councillor Silvana Buxton with their concerns and meetings were arranged with the farm owner, Councillors and the presidents and members of the C10 and C6 Communities of Owners, unfortunately the farm owner claimed that the route through Camposol was the only option as other routes including the Cañada del Romero road had become impassable after storm damage, the Council offered to make an alternative track to the north of the farm with an earth mover, but the owner said that was not acceptable and the Camposol route was the only route available although whether this claim was viable or merely justification for using Camposol as a short cut is debatable, but without supporting documentation the police could not prevent the farm’s continued use of the urbanisations roads and that seemed to be the end of the story.

However, in early January 2021 an eagle eyed Camposol Fact Crusader contributor spotted in Regional Government documents that the farm was applying to renew its licence and a 20 day window was available to lodge concerns or objections, this information was passed on to The Councillor for Camposol and the Presidents of C10 and C6 Communities and after a joint concerted effort by the Councillor, C10 and C6 Communities administrator and the head of Mazarrón Council’s Environmental department the following clause has been incorporated in the farm’s operating licence

Se prohíbe el acceso de vehículos a la explotación porcina a través de la Urbanización Camposol.


Vehicles are prohibited from accessing pig farm through the Camposol Urbanization.

This stipulation is not negotiable and Camposol homeowners can look forward to a more peaceful and fragrant future and less wear and tear on the urbanisations infrastructure.

Camposol’s Infants Play area 

Construction of the Camposol Infants Play area which was approved by Mazarrón Council’s Governing Board on 27th November 2020 is now well under way

The facility is situated in Sector A’s Central Park opposite the Consultorio (Doctor’s surgery) and will be equipped with swings, slides, climbing frames and scramble nets, it will be fenced off and will also have a child friendly surface, it will be available to infants and pre-school children accompanied by an adult.

Parents have been campaigning for a children’s play area for many years lead by Julie Townsend and Tracy Smith-Rowley who also campaigned for the soon to be completed 5 a-side football pitch, the cause was taken up by Councillor for Camposol, Silvana Buxton, and the project has been progressed through the Education, Parks  and Gardens department of Mazarron council, and sponsored by Julie Townsend of Compusurf.

It is hoped that the play area will be completed very shortly and COVID permitting little ones will be enjoying the equipment as the weather get warmer.





Playground & Football pitch

At recent meetings of Mazarrón Council’s Junta de Gobierno (Governing Board) plans were approved for the construction of the long awaited infant’s playground and 5-a-side football pitch.

After many years of lobbying by concerned parents and residents the Mazarrón Council Governing Board approved the plans for the infants play area at a meeting on 27th November, the play area will be situated in Sector A’s Central Park and will consist of a fenced off area with a child friendly surface and playground apparatus for preschool and infant children, parents have been calling for children’s play facilities for


Street Lighting


Update from Silvana Buxton, Mazarrón Councillor for Camposol and International Relations

Following on from the previous recent article “WHY DON’T ALL THE STREETLIGHTS WORK?” and after a spate of reports and complaints from homeowners in various areas, mostly in Sector A, investigations were made into the possible reasons for the outages.

If repair is possible, these problems will be rectified. However, on numerous occasions it was found that the cabling in the inspection/service points was cut, and in some cases stolen. The photographs accompanying this article show the interior of an inspection point with the circuit cable intact, and the others show the circuit cable in an irreparable state of disrepair.

The first photograph, is of a service point in Calle Andalucia is as it should be with the cable and circuitry intact including extra cable to allow for servicing.

The next 3 photographs, taken of inspection points in Calles Alicante, Ciudades Españolas and a second one in Calle Andalucia show crudely severed circuitry with total disregard to insulation or safety.


The identity and motivation behind these actions is unknown, although the removal of a large runs of cable (in one case nearly 100 metres of cable was stolen) would suggest theft. Vandalism cannot be ruled out and the damage caused as shown in the above pictures is only an example of a more extensive urbanisation-wide problem, complicated by the aging components and previous lack of maintenance of the infrastructure.

Because of the extent and related cost these incidents cannot be repaired on an individual basis as replacement cable and component equipment has to be processed through the Regional Government Trade and Industry Dept and electricity provider (Iberdrola).

As touched on the previous article “WHY DON’T ALL THE STREETLIGHTS WORK?” Mazarrón Council has initiated the commissioning of a series of street lighting projects throughout the urbanisation “starting the process which ultimately will attain a legally usable street lighting infrastructure”.


Reply from Silvana Buxton Councillor for Camposol and International Relations

This is one of the most common queries received by the Council from Camposol and after talking to Council and Iberbrola technicians, the Council Services and Contracting departments I have found that the solution is not as simple as flicking a switch.

It is common knowledge that the infrastructure of the public street lighting in Camposol is a major problem, but the extent of the problem became apparent only after the current Council took control of the Mazarrón municipality in June 2019 and began an investigation into finding a legal and permanent solution to address the physical problem of missing or failed and obsolete components as well as complying with the legal, contractual and licencing situations to prevent future complications.

Camposol has suffered from street lighting problems from its very conception and these have intensified as each sector was constructed. It was also exacerbated by the developer Grupo MASA’s delinquency in not paying the main electrical contractor responsible for installing the lighting infrastructure, this resulted in the contractor eventually abandoning the site leaving many circuits without cable or other equipment and components.

Further complications arose in mid/late 2013 when Grupo MASA stopped paying Iberdrola for the electricity supply, as a result Iberdrola started disconnecting lighting control boxes and some residents resorted to self-help short cutting circuits or operating the switch gear manually.

In late 2014 the then Council took over circuit contracts and commissioned an electrical contractor to carry out the essential repairs, work started to bring the lighting circuits up to current specifications and replacing equipment that had never been installed, been tampered with or stolen.

However, following the 2015 election the incoming Council cancelled the contract with the electrical contractor and ceased processing documentation with the Regional Authority and with Iberdrola, this resulted in the urbanisation being left with a hotch-potch of additional problems, some circuits are not up to current specifications or there is no documentation to facilitate legal use some are awaiting Iberdrola ratification and some are still under temporary ‘Builder’s supply’ contracts which should have been closed after two years, although some have been fully processed and are in use. Furthermore, Iberdrola now have remote metering systems which identify any excess or fraudulent use of electricity resulting in disconnection of the electricity supply.

The problems caused by 4 further years of neglect and irreversible deterioration through lack of maintenance became the concern of the current Council who are taking steps to correct and legalise the public lighting infrastructure as far as budget constraints and COVID related expenditures will allow. In the meantime however work on circuits not legally registered cannot be carried out.

To progress any work a project has to be drawn up by an engineer and architect, then sent to the Trade and Industry Department of the Regional Government for approval and then to Iberdrola to be licenced and contracted, after which work can begin, a process which takes several months’ even if there are no anomalies.

Currently technicians are surveying the principal route through C and D Sectors to draw up a project starting the process which ultimately will attain a legally usable street lighting infrastructure. Failure to follow the legal procedure will result in any unaccountable use of electricity being isolated and disconnected by Iberdrola.


Reply to recent publication “Engagement with Mazarrón Council”

Reply from Silvana Buxton, Mazarrón Councillor for Camposol and International Affairs, and Camposol Resident.

For many years it has been acknowledged by various bodies including the CRA at their AGM 2012, the British Consul, the various Political parties, as well as several Legal Advisors etc, that Camposol’s best route to moving forwards in finding solutions to the urbanisation’s issues would be to have a presence in the governing council, in order to better represent the residents of Camposol and influence the Council’s direction.

Since my appointment as Councillor for Camposol, in the elections of July 2019, I have worked incessantly, within the constraints of the Council’s Legal, Financial and Municipal remit, toward solving as many as possible of the multitude of problems that blight our urbanisation, or initiating the process for future improvements. I am confident that, in spite of the challenging demands made by COVID-19, the residents and homeowners of Camposol will soon begin to witness the long awaited signs of progress, pledged by this Council just over a year ago.

However, this will only be achieved through positive communication and mutual respect. Any negative, incomplete or untrue comments published on social media or in the various newsletters, are seriously damaging to the successful, but still fragile relationship achieved in the last few months by your Camposol representative within the present Council Administration.

I will therefore endeavour to rectify the mis-information published in the last few days, which has recently came to my notice. The PSOE undertaking was listed, followed by the incorrect or incomplete perception of “Action to date”. By way of reminder, I list the PSOE Undertaking in bold, the published incorrect or incomplete information in Italic, and the Corrections or Responses in Red

PSOE Undertaking – “If I am elected Mayor of Mazarron on May 26th, I formally pledge, among other things, to comply with the decision taken by the Regional Assembly last March, which was to create a Round Table formed by the City Council, the Regional Government, the CHS and the Camposol Residents Association, to work together to resolve the serious problems of Camposol”.

Published information of “Action to date” – Sent out invitations on 1st October 2019 to join a round table to the various parties, but none of them have responded. No follow up has ever been made.

Correction – The “Roundtable” recommended to seek solutions to the Rambla de los Aznares problem as proposed in the Regional Assembly Report was approved by Mazarrón Council Plenary Session in August 2019. The proposal was also adjusted to include the Camposol Residents Association which was not included in the original Regional Assembly Proposal. Although both CARM (Regional Government) and CHS (National Rivers Authority) received notice of the creation of the Roundtable and a request to attend the first meeting, neither authority replied. As the proposal in the Regional Assembly Report was a recommendation not an instruction Mazarrón Council does not have the power or authority to enforce attendance. It should also be noted that since this time both authorities have jointly formulated a Regional Flood Risk Plan which Mazarrón was neither included-in or notified-of – more details on this will be explained in later corrections.

PSOE Undertaking – “We can confirm, prior to the forthcoming Electoral program, that the PSOE with Gaspar Miras Lorente as Mayor, will attend to the requests that for years the residents of Camposol have been making to the City Council”

Published information of “Action to date” – So far has been limited to minor maintenance works, no sight of plans for future works.

Correction – Routine services have been supplied as far as funding will permit, plus projects drawn up (costing many thousands of euros) for street lighting provisions and, very importantly, a tender of over 60,000€ has been approved for architect modifications to Camposol’s Plan to facilitate addition to the Municipal General Plan – more is explained in later corrections.

PSOE Undertaking – “We will create a Municipal District Office on Camposol, which will deal with documents, registration to the Padron, rates and taxes, citizens information etc. etc.

Published information of “Action to date” – No information on progress. Presumably still looking for suitable premises, we think.

Response – Numerous enquiries have been made with owners of commercial properties on B Sector Commercial to no avail, search now extending to other locations in the urbanisation.

PSOE Undertaking – There will be a Local police patrol, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with permanent presence in the urbanization.

Published information on “Action to date” – Need to recruit additional officers, then they must be trained, training takes 18 months.

Response – In addition to training period, officers were also involved in emergency cover for other areas after Gota Fria event in September – December 2019, and enforcing the ongoing COVID measures since March 2020.

PSOE Undertaking – We’ll appoint a municipal cleaning and maintenance team for the streets, squares and garden areas of Camposol.

Published information on “Action to date” – Has not happened. The street cleaners have not been seen since just before the last election.

Correction – Under this Council, tree maintenance has started and been extended to palm trees on Sectors B, C and D. The commercial areas have been disinfected as part of municipal COVID measures and plans are also being processed for a Camposol based street cleaning machine.

PSOE Undertaking – We will resolve the public street lighting problems that exist in many of the streets of the urbanization.

Published information on “Action to date” – Blame for inaction has been placed at the door of the residents. Apparently, there is a project proposal to deal with the situation, however we have been declined any details.

Correction – While some lighting equipment has been tampered-with, the Council has continued to maintain legal and workable public street lighting circuits and commissioned projects to rework or renew failing or failed circuits. The overall public lighting plan has had to be adapted in response to COVID funding requirements. Details are available to genuine and interested enquiries.

PSOE Undertaking – We will create a public library, exclusively for Camposol.

Published information on “Action to date” – This has never been mentioned again.

Response – This is still planned but it is presumed that as it has not been mentioned by residents it is a low priority.

PSOE Undertaking – We will provide green areas, parks and gardens for the enjoyment of all, with play areas for children.

Published information on “Action to date” – This has never been mentioned again.

Correction – Facilities for football/sports pitch and children’s play area have been identified and are being planned with the assistance of residents including public/private funding.

PSOE Undertaking – We will prepare a strategic PLAN for Camposol requesting that this be declared a Work of General Interest, in order to obtain financial subsidies from the Government of Spain and the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.

Published information on “Action to date” – This has never been mentioned again.

Correction – The first part of this Strategic Plan is the previously mentioned Tender for Modifications to the Camposol plan, the tender report was drawn up in December 2019, passed through the Council Governing Board (Junta de Gobierno) on 7th February 2020 and awarded in June 2020 for over 60,000€ to a Murcia based Company of Architects. It is envisaged that after COVID connected delays, work on the Modifications will commence with a wide ranging remit.

PSOE Undertaking – In this multiannual Plan, we envisage budget allocations for the repair works and replacement of water and sewage network, including their systems of impulse and purification.

Published information on “Action to date” – This has never been mentioned again.

Correction – Work has been ongoing since the current Council came into power. Among other works it would be very difficult not to notice the complete demolition and rebuilding to twice its original size of the pumping station at the bottom of the dual carriageway on C Sector.

PSOE Undertaking – We will strive to resolve the problem of the whole urbanization, especially in Sector C-South where there are houses and whole streets in very alarming and dangerous state of collapse.

Published information on “Action to date” – This has never been mentioned again.

Response – An architects report is envisaged after the commencement of the Plan Modification previously mentioned.

PSOE Undertaking – We will also compile a program of works with regards to laying of tarmac on public roads and pavements reconstruction or repairs as appropriate.

Published information on “Action to date” – This has not seen any action.

Response – Architects have made preliminary reports with the help of the Councillor for Camposol and interested residents, concentrating on the dual carriage way between C and D Sector and the bridge between B and C Sector as part of the 2020 Budget proposals open to all but not attended by all. These are being revised because of COVID funding redirection, but progress is expected to be made.

PSOE Undertaking – We will carry out a control for the prevention of ‘squatting’ in abandoned properties, according to legislation in force in this matter.

Published information on “Action to date” – This has not seen any action.

Correction – Many instances of squatters have been dealt with by the Councillor for Camposol in collaboration with the Policia Local and Guardia Civil. In the absence of Community of Owners, investigations are also being made into tracing absent owners. The ‘squatter’ subject has become a Regional Government priority and the Councillor for Camposol will be publishing translated excerpts from the CARM anti-squatter guidance publication shortly, together with the translation of the standard reply which residents may receive in response to their emails to the CARM helpdesk.

PSOE Undertaking – We will pursue the project for the channelling of the Rambla de Los Aznares, seeking National and Regional funding.

Published information on “Action to date “ – Option 3 – not viable, Option 4 – not viable – Option 5 – not viable – The Mayor’s Option 6 – much awaited. Mayors option was number 5, we await notice of new option No 6

Correction – CARM and the CHS took no interest in the roundtable which cannot function without the involvement of both, but without notifying Mazarrón Council they formed a panel of experts to formulate the previously mentioned Regional Flood Risk Plan costed at 77 million euros which covers rambla redirection and dam construction. This plan was not published until September 2020 when it was noted that both Camposol, Mazarrón and vulnerable areas in Lorca were omitted from the plan. The Mayor immediately contacted the PSOE Regional Assembly Member, and at a 2-day Regional Assembly Plenary session on the 6th and 7th October covering the single flood risk issue, the PSOE Regional Assembly Member secured the approval of an amendment resolution to the Plan calling for the appropriate authorities to execute the rechannelling of the Aznares Rambla on D Sector

PSOE Undertaking – We will advise and help to solve the problems that many neighbours have administratively with their houses (without deeds of property, and/or under construction).

Published information on “Action to date” – This has never been mentioned again.

Correction – The Councillor for Camposol deals with many administrative problems every week. These are personal problems for the people involved so obviously are not broadcast, nor is any information passed to any uninvolved associations.

Further Comments

All of the above responses and corrections are in the public domain including the Camposol Plan Modification tender and the Regional Flood Risk Plan which was heavily covered by Regional media including La Verdad and La Opinion as well as videos published of the Regional Assembly Plenary Meeting. The other issues are known to the residents involved, so the relevant information is freely available to all concerned.

The current Mazarrón Council is committed to making as much improvement to the Camposol urbanisation as is possible, and citizens’ participation is encouraged, in order to promote mutually beneficial communication channels. A Camposol Committee with a cooperative demeanour would help engender much needed resident’s participation