Covid Vaccinations

COVID vaccinations “third” dose 

As reported in todays (8/10/21) La Verdad, after the EMA (European Medicines Agency) approved third doses for people over 18 years of age, the Spanish Ministry of Health has announced that people over 70 can receive their third dose when receiving their annual flu vaccinations which should start to be administered late October early November.

The Murcia Minister for Health announced that the Regional Health Authority (SMS) “are willing and prepared to do it when necessary”.

Announcements for the arrangements for other age groups are awaited.


The Councillor for Camposol and International Relations Silvana Buxton wishes to formally express her gratitude to the CFC for keeping the Camposol community informed of the sudden and unexpected vaccination without appointment programme that took place on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th August.

“The CFC was the crucial English-language information site that published details of Tuesday and Wednesday’s vaccination programme, and in spite of several timetable variations, which the Councillor was attempting to clarify up until 10:30pm on Monday evening, the CFC provided essential information with accuracy and efficiency”


After a string of confusing press releases from Murcia Health Authority yesterday regarding mass vaccination events around the region, the Mazarrón Mayor’s Office contacted the Health Authority for clarification of the vaccination plan for the Paloma warehouse in Mazarrón Town, the following is the latest news

Tuesday 17th August 

9 am to 2 pm Vaccinations with appointments.

11 am to 2 pm Vaccinations without appointment for persons 12 years old and over.

Wednesday 18th August 

9 am to 2 pm Vaccinations without appointment for persons 12 years old and over.

All persons attending without appointment will be required to be registered on a municipal padron in the Region of Murcia, it is advisable to take supporting identification and documentation when attending.

Important Notice 

The 25th August will be the last date that COVID Vaccination Certificate requests for Murcia Health Service patients can be processed through Camposol Social Centre as the Centre is reopening for bookings and capacity will not be available, this means that requests will only be received between 10 am and 12 noon on the 18th, 23rd and 25th of this month (August), after this date requests can still be processed by Mazarrón Council but only by appointment at Mazarrón Town Hall, requests can also still be processed via the other routes described in posting “Obtaining a Digital COVID Certificate” published earlier in this section.

Receipts for requests already submitted can still be collected from the Social Centre on Mondays and Wednesdays between the times mentioned above.

People who are not registered Murcia Health Service patients who have received the 2 doses can lodge a certificate request using the following method:-

Book an appointment at the Lorca or Cartagena Specialised Public Health Offices which are the 2 nearest or try other Specialised offices around the region listed on the appointment link below or by phone (in Spanish) on Cartagena 968 326 672 or Lorca 968 928 820, when attending it would be advisory to take copy NIE and passport plus any other documentation used when the vaccination was administered.

Cita Previa SAC (

No Appointment Mass vaccination event

The Murcia Regional Health Minister has announced this morning that there will be a mass vaccination event with no appointment required at the Paloma Warehouse in Mazarrón on Wednesday (18th) between 9am and 2pm, here is a link to the announcement (translation below)

Vaccination day without prior appointment in Mazarrón 

It will be this Wednesday, August 18, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the warehouse of the company ‘Paloma’ located on the road to Las Moreras

This noon, the Minister of Health, Juan José Pedreño, appeared after finishing the week-long meeting of the Covid Committee in the Region. In it, he has shown concern about the slowdown in the vaccination process in the Community. For this reason, three points will be opened in the municipalities with the largest capacity, Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca, to vaccinate registered people without prior appointment.

In Murcia it will be in Nueva Condomina, in Cartagena in La Rambla, and in Lorca in the Felipe VI pavilion.

The Minister has also announced that this next Wednesday there will be a vaccination session without prior appointment in Mazarrón, in regular hours open to residents in the Region of Murcia. There will also be another day in the coastal town of San Javier.

The Ministry is also working on recruiting all those who have received only one dose. They will be called by phone.

They have also indicated that people who have passed the disease are now recommended to shorten the term to receive the dose of the vaccine to four weeks.

Third dose possibility
As the debate continues regarding a third or yearly dose of the COVID vaccine the Spanish Health Minister, Carolina Darias gives the government’s position in an interview yesterday (23rd July)

EU Vaccine Certificate validity 

There seems to be some confusion about the validity of the EU issued Vaccination Certificate when travelling to the UK, currently (21st July) although health authorities from both UK and EU sides have recognised the same vaccines, the UK do not recognise the EU COVID certificate, quarantine and testing exemptions are only valid in the UK if the vaccinations are administered in the UK, meaning that travellers entering the UK with an EU Certificate will still be subject to quarantine and testing restrictions, for anyone travelling to the UK with an EU Certificate it is advisable to check the current situation.


Receipts and proof of processing for all requests submitted week commencing 28th June will be available for collection from the Social Centre Mondays and Wednesdays 10am to 12 noon from July 7th the receipts may be required in case of query or other communication with the Murcia Health Authority who will be processing the requests and issuing the certificates.

Any receipts remaining uncollected after 30 days will be deemed as no longer needed and destroyed.

COVID Certificate Update 

People who supplied Certificate requests at the Camposol Social Centre on 21st and 23rd of June can collect receipts (not certificates) for the documentation at the Social Centre from 5th July (Mondays and Wednesdays 10 am to 12 Noon) the receipts may be required in case of query or other communication with the Murcia Health Authority who will be processing the requests and issuing the certificates.

Receipts for requests handed in after week commencing 28th June will become available in due course.

COVID Certificate application procedural update  

 Now the Regional Health Authority (SMS) has started processing COVID Certificates the following updates and requirement changes to the “Written request” procedure have been made:-

1 – Proof of NIE is essential, this can be in the form of a copy of the original A4 NIE document, a copy of the Residencia or the TIE card, both of which contain the NIE number, if these are not available a copy of a valid Passport will be considered.

2 – People should enter SURNAME (APELLIDO) first, followed by ALL Christian names (NOMBRES).

3 – The application form MUST be accompanied by copies of the 2 information sheets, 3 pages in all (clerks in Mazarrón Town Hall have added the extra sheets to the forms delivered yesterday, but future applications will have to be complete – some additional info sheets and application forms are available at the social centre).

4 – Applicants MUST be registered on the PADRÓN. If not, they must either register on the Padrón or send their forms by post at the address shown on the info sheet – Dirección General de Salud Pública y Adicciones, Consejería de Salud, Ronda de Levante, 11, 30008 Murcia.

Mazarrón Council have designated 4 Admin clerks to deal with COVID Certificate applications.


Due to the incorrect form being supplied by the N332 Police website all the people who completed 1957-11 COVID Certificate request forms and handed them to Councillor Silvana Buxton at the Camposol Social Centre or at Mazarrón Town Hall will, if they require the Certificate, have to return to the Social Centre (Monday or Wednesday 10am to 12 noon) or Town Hall and fill in the correct 3585 form, a copy NIE or Passport will also be required, the redundant 1957-11 forms will be available for collection if required.

Vaccination Certificates for residents who are not registered with the Murcia Health Service (SMS) but who requested and received the vaccinations can obtain the Certificates using the following procedure:-

Book an appointment at the Lorca or Cartagena Specialized Public Health Offices which are the 2 nearest or try other Specialized offices around the region listed on the appointment link below or by phone (in Spanish) on Cartagena 968 326 672 or Lorca 968 928 820, when attending it would be advisory to take copy NIE and passport plus any other documentation used when the vaccination was administered.

Obtaining a Digital COVID Certificate.

There are currently 3 ways to obtain the Certificates

1. Electronic Download if you have a Digital Certificate, Digital DNI (Spanish Nationals only) or a Cl@ve (Digital key) follow this link (in Spanish or English) where the Certificate can be downloaded

2. In Person, at Health Centres including Camposol Consultorio by appointment only, a copy of the applicants NIE/DNI document or Passport will be required, the certificate will be supplied at point of application or for later collection.

3. By written request, filling in a 3585 Form which are available at the Camposol Social Centre Mondays or Wednesdays 10 am to 12 noon or can be downloaded on this link$m40288 going to section “B.- Solicitud escrita.” and clicking on “Modelo de solicitud escrita no electrónica disponible en el apartado “Modelos de Presentación”, only the first page requires completion, here is a guide to the relevant boxes:-

Section 1

APELLIDOS Y NOMBRE – Surnames and Christian names, DNI/NIE – NIE Number, DOMICILIO A EFECTOS DE NOTIFICACIONES – Address for Notification purposes (APTO box where available or home address), C. POSTAL – Post code (30875 for Camposol), LOCALIDAD – Town (Mazarrón), PROVINCIA – Region/Province (Murcia), TELÉFONO FIJO – Telephone No Landline, TELÉFONO MÓVIL A EFECTOS NOTIFICACIONES – Mobile phone No for notification purposes (Text/SMS), CORREO ELECTRÓNICO A EFECTOS DE NOTIFICACIONES ELECTRÓNICAS – E-Mail address for notifications, *APELLIDOS Y NOMBRE DEL REPRESENTANTE – Surnames and Christian names of representative, *DNI/NIE – number of representative, Tick boxes for type of representative – *REPRESENTANTE LEGAL (PADRE O TUTOR) – Parent or Legal Guardian, *APODERADO – Lawyer or Legal representative

*Denotes where applicable

Section 2

Enter a cross in the shaded margin next to “VACUNACIÓN”

Section 3

Enter a cross in the shaded margin next to “Por correo” only

At the bottom of the page under “Por lo expuesto SOLICITA el CERTIFICADO DIGITAL COVID UE en la modalidad señalada” (Accordingly, I Request the COVID EU DIGITAL CERTIFICATE in the modality indicated) fill in place and date (Camposol, Date, Month, Year) and sign on the “Firma” line.

The completed form can then be returned to Mazarrón Town Hall by appointment, posted to Dirección General de Salud Pública y Adicciones, Consejería de Salud, Ronda de Levante, 11, 30008 Murcia. Or handed in to the Councillor for Camposol at the Camposol Social Centre Mondays or Wednesdays 10 am to 12 noon, the certificate will be sent by post only to the address entered on the form for collection in the usual manner.

COVID Vaccination Certificate 

From this Monday 14/06/2021, citizens who have been vaccinated in the Region of Murcia against the coronavirus can request a passport or COVID certificate.

The request can be made through the website and in any of the 85 health centres in the Region of Murcia in person. In addition, the two points of the Health delegations in Lorca and Cartagena and the 13 citizen care and registration offices of the Autonomous Community have also been enabled.

In person, available by appointment ONLY 

Appointments- Cita Previa (  or tel 968 131 695

For this, in the system of prior appointment with the health centres a tab has been enabled to directly request the COVID certificate.

The head of Health indicates that in these centres the administrative staff will be in charge of issuing the document, for which a total of 800 professionals have received training.


This document will be issued with a QR code in digital form to avoid falsifications and can be requested with a digital certificate, an electronic DNI or a system key.

  Sede electrónica de la Administración Pública de la C.A.R.M. – Inicio ( It  will have its own Covid certificate or passport in June, although pilot tests will begin with it this May. At the moment, it is a certificate sponsored by the EU that will be used only to facilitate travel within the Union itself, but it is not intended to serve other purposes, such as entry to mass events or in closed spaces.

Work is in progress to facilitate the “Passport” which will be called a “Digital Green Certificate” more details can be found on the following EU link

Mass COVID Vaccination event 11th May 

The Murcia Regional Health Authority (SMS) have announced the next vaccination event for Mazarrón will take place as previously notified at the La Aceña Sports Pavilion, Calle Santo Tomás on the 11th May, this event will be expanded to more groups as follow:

9am to 6pm – second dose for those aged 70 to 79 years

From 12 noon – first dose for those aged 66 to 69 years

From 4pm – first dose for those aged 70 to 79 years who missed previous call for this group.

Those who have been contacted with appointed times should adhere to these times to avoid crowding and congestion at the venue.

Remember to take your ID (Passport, Spanish driving licence etc) and Health Card with you to receive your vaccination.

Further timing details may become available in due course.

I confirm that mass vaccination on Wednesday 21/4 is going ahead for people registered on the Spanish Health System aged between 70 and 79.  The information posted on social media, that this event is not taking place is misleading, untrue, irresponsible and extremely damaging for the safety of all. Social media Moderators are asked to cooperate in preventing small-minded individuals from spreading vicious lies and panic among the readers.

A reader writes of their personal experience receiving the Covid vaccination.

A personal experience of the mass COVID Vaccination held on 13th April at LA ACEÑA Sports Pavilion, Mazarrón (people born in 1956, 57, 58, 59, 60). 

I have a Spanish Health Card and my age falls within the allotted age group to be vaccinated, I did not get an SMS (text) message so went to the Sports Pavillion for 8.45am the queue was already stretching nearly 2 sides of the building, the queue started moving around 9.10am, social distancing was a problem if you didn’t make your own space, there is a set of stairs where some people waited at the top until the people had cleared the flight, I did the same but noticed that 2 minutes later it was full top to bottom, there is an alternative wide ramp which would probably be better for social distancing if the organisers can direct the queue.

On reaching the front of the queue (9.35 am) my temperature was taken and I was directed to a security guard, making use of the hand sanitiser on the way, the guard gave me a slip of paper with the details of my second dose:-

Product Astra Zeneca, Lugar: El mismo (same place), Hora: La misma (same time), Día: (date) 29th June.

An organiser then directed me to one of six tables where a health worker looked at my health card and asked for ID, I offered my passport and driving licence he took the driving licence entered my NIE number into his laptop and looking at the screen confirmed my name and said “Correcto” then directed me to the vaccination area, a nurse waved me to sit on one of 6/7 chairs asked if I had any allergies then administered the injection (9.40am) and told me to take a seat on one of the socially distanced chairs for 15 minutes before leaving, I left at 9.55am by then the queue had nearly reached the Canela Cafe.

All in all well organised once reaching the entrance, the people tended to manage their selves in the queue there were some failed attempts at queue jumping, I spoke to a lady who had accompanied her husband who had received a text message to attend, the lady asked the staff if she could also be vaccinated as she was born in 1964, they told her she should wait for a message or watch out for announcements they thought her group could be in the next 2/3 weeks.

There are “no parking” signs on the roads and parking spaces around the Sports centre prohibiting parking until 21 April.

The next scheduled mass vaccination at the Sports Pavilion is for the 70 to 79 age group on 21st April starting at 9am using the Pfizer vaccine. 




C. – Foreigners residing in the region:

Foreigners who currently qualify for an assigned doctor must regularise their situation in the Health Area that corresponds to them as residents, if their stay in the Region is longer than 6 months.

Foreigners who do not currently qualify to be registered with Spanish Healthcare as residents must request to be vaccinated and for this a web link will be provided to request the vaccination/s (see below) through the Murcia Health Authority, an information telephone number is available 900 12 12 12. In all cases, the location where the vaccination will be administered will be dependent on the information contained on the individuals registered place of residence (Padrón) and later assignment of a doctor in the relevant health centre.

People who do not have an assigned doctor, on the day of vaccination must present European health card and passport/identity document and Padrón or document proving that they are residing in the Region of Murcia.

The Vaccination request can be found and completed on the link:-

The boxes equate to:- Nombre – First name, Apellido 1/2 – First/second surname, DNI/NIF/NIE/PAS – NIE number, F. Nacimiento – Date of birth, Nº teléfono español – Spanish telephone number, Email – Email address, Tipo Via – type of street (dropdown list), in most cases on Camposol Calle or Avenida, Domicilio – Name of street and urbanisation, Numero – House/plot number, Poblacion – Town (Dropdown list) MAZARRON, C.P – Post Code (Camposol, 30875), T.S. Europea o documento similar – Active European Health Card or similar, Observaciones – Notes where applicable (in Spanish)

When completed in full click on “Guardar Cambios” to request the vaccination/s.

When your vaccination appointment is available you will be contacted on the Spanish telephone number you have registered (it may be some months), DO NOT Phone or visit the Camposol Consultorio to register or make enquiries.