About us

The information we publish is verified through one or all of the following:

Documentary evidence, declarations, press releases in the public domain, published by National Government (La Moncloa), Regional Government (CARM), Regional Parliament (Asamblea Regional), Regional Statistic Centre (CREM), Land Registry (Catastro), Policia Local, Guardia Civil, Mazarrón Council, also if required and if possible, by contacting the relevant official.

Local, Regional and National Media, legal documents including Escrituras, Nota simples, Official Reports, Resolutions etc and again if required and if possible, contacting the person involved.

We are a none political team. We have no affiliations  with any other groups or associations.

Our purpose is purely to curtail, and give informative information, on the abundant rumours that pervade Camposol.

We are entirely independent, we do  not have an  elected committee.


This list is not exhaustive.

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