Important Aqualia update 

Following information received from Aqualia on 12/08/2021 regarding the installation of a supply valve: “installation has been postponed because its installation entails a general cut off of the water supply in sectors B, C and D, and we have decided to postpone it until September so as not to affect the residents in the month of August, which must be the month with the biggest influx of people into the area.”

The following Text message has been received from Aqualia on 10/09/20211

Estimado usario, vamos a proceder a efectuar corte de suministro por trabajos en la red  (Camposol address) Mazarron entre 14/09/2021 08.00 y 14/09/2021 12.00,  disculpe las molestias.


Dear user, we will proceed to cut off supply for work on the network (Camposol address) Mazarron between 14/09/2021 08.00 and 14/09/2021 12.00, sorry for the inconvenience.

Aqualia, Additional information 

Aqualia has been contacted for confirmation of the interruption in supply and the following message has been received from the Jefe de Explotación (Operations Manager)

Comentarte que el corte para la instalación de la válvula que quedaba pendiente en la calle Ibiscum, se realizará el martes 14 de septiembre, de 08:00 a 12:00 aproximadamente. Afectará a los sectores C y D. El sector B no debería tener problemas de suministro.


To tell you that the (water) cut-off for the installation of the valve that was left pending on Calle Ibiscum, will take place on Tuesday, September 14th, from 08:00 to 12:00 approximately. It will affect sectors C and D. Sector B should not have supply problems.

Mazarrón Council approves funding for asphalting Camposol dual carriageway. 

At the Council Pleno (Full meeting) yesterday 31st August funding of 808,000 euros was approved for the asphalting and improvement of the section of Avenida de los Covachos running through sectors C & D of the urbanisation.

Initial enquiries indicate that funding for the works will not be part of the 2.9 million euros received through court proceedings in July (covered in the “Big News for Camposol Urbanisation” article in the Home section of this site), instead the funds will be part of a PSOE/UIDM package of improvements to infrastructure, services and historic buildings throughout the municipality, the 9.8 million euro package was proposed as a Credit modification including 23 projects by Councillor for Urbanismo, Gines Campillo, who outlined the various plans and benefits , Mazarrón Mayor, Gaspar Miras explained that the goal is to improve the infrastructure and services and enhance the municipality’s image as a destination and that the planned investment block consisting of 23 projects that will take place by the end of 2022, although some of the works, foreseeably, “will take a little longer”.


The Councillor for Camposol and International Relations Silvana Buxton wishes to formally express her gratitude to the CFC for keeping the Camposol community informed of the sudden and unexpected vaccination without appointment programme that took place on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th August.

“The CFC was the crucial English-language information site that published details of Tuesday and Wednesday’s vaccination programme, and in spite of several timetable variations, which the Councillor was attempting to clarify up until 10:30pm on Monday evening, the CFC provided essential information with accuracy and efficiency”

Big News for Camposol Urbanisation

The question has been asked many times – What happened to the bank Bonds/Guarantees lodged by constructor Justo y Manoli SL (Grupo MASA), to fund finalisation of incomplete construction?

With the demise of Grupo MASA subsidiary and Camposol developer Justo y Manoli SL in 2015 it was thought that the bonds had sunk along with the company, but a court case which has its roots in events occurring nearly 12 years ago and has been rumbling on ever since has finally reached a conclusion and in the past few days Mazarrón Council has received just under 3 million euros (2,914,474.28) to be spent on works towards the completion of the urbanisation.

It should be pointed out that the award is not compensation or an ex gratia type of payment, the funds will have to be used according to the parameters defined in the court ruling which refer to technical reports supplied by Mazarrón Council architects, engineers and technicians, any attempt to divert the funds to other projects will open the door for the appellants (see below) to attempt a clawback of funds as happened the last time Mazarrón Council managed to execute bond funds in 2014 when 400,000€ had to be returned.

The original Court case was actually resolved in the Council’s favour some years ago but has been subject to multiple appeals by the Justo y Manoli bankruptcy administrator (Auren Concursal SLP) and the bond treasurer bank (Banco Santander SA), this culminated on 3rd November 2020, when appeals by both of the above were dismissed by the Murcia Superior Court of Justice (TSJ), this ruling did allow for further appeal but in June of this year Santander signalled that they were willing to settle for the full amount of the outstanding bonds, nearly 3 million euros which will be ring fenced for use only as intended on the Camposol urbanisation.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Camposol will agree that this amount will not solve all the problems that beset the urbanisation, indeed the Court commented that technical reports and costings submitted by Mazarrón Council up to 2011/2012 for unfinished urbanisation works amounted to over 8.9 million euro however the bonds available did not reach that figure.

Mazarrón Council will now examine the reports and guarantees which extends to over 700 documents and over a 1000 pages to ensure the funds are applied to the correct projects which will then be prioritised according to current needs, this is in the knowledge that part of the appeal allegation from the bankruptcy administrator was that (translation) “the execution of guarantees is not possible for purposes other than those for which they were issued, the content arguments must be adhered to in the appeal judgment” indicating that the administrator is alert to the fact the funds are to be used solely for completion of unfinished works or projects contained in the original plan for the public urban infrastructure and not remedial construction, maintenance work or new projects not covered in the guarantee documents and reports.

Comment from Silvana Buxton, Mazarrón Councillor for Camposol

This is great news we have been following the Court progress for some time, it seemed like a roller coaster but the outcome is welcome news for all Camposol residents and homeowners, it obviously will not solve all our problems but will make a big difference we just have to be careful the funds are used in the correct way, the Council are aware of the Court ruling and we will take advice from the Council technical and legal advisors.

Further announcements will be made as information becomes available.

Press Release – Councillor for Camposol, Silvana Buxton 

“The news about the 2.9 million euros finally being settled after a very long struggle through the courts is great news, although the amount will not solve all Camposol’s problems it will make a big difference, we will of course have to be careful how and where the funds are used as the court parameters are well defined, specifying the work identified in the guarantees and technical reports, we don’t want to repeat the events in 2014 when 400,000 euros had to be returned.

Usually, this news would be released through the Town Hall’s English language webpage, but unfortunately the Jefe de Prensa (Press Officer) position is vacant and the recruitment procedure is still ongoing, the news broke through the Camposol Fact Crusader website as they have been tracking the progress of the case through public court records.

At the moment the Council’s legal and technical departments are going through the sea of documentation and further announcements will be made as information becomes available




C. – Foreigners residing in the region:

Foreigners who currently qualify for an assigned doctor must regularise their situation in the Health Area that corresponds to them as residents, if their stay in the Region is longer than 6 months.

Foreigners who do not currently qualify to be registered with Spanish Healthcare as residents must request to be vaccinated and for this a web link will be provided to request the vaccination/s (see below) through the Murcia Health Authority, an information telephone number is available 900 12 12 12. In all cases, the location where the vaccination will be administered will be dependent on the information contained on the individuals registered place of residence (Padrón) and later assignment of a doctor in the relevant health centre.

People who do not have an assigned doctor, on the day of vaccination must present European health card and passport/identity document and Padrón or document proving that they are residing in the Region of Murcia.

The Vaccination request can be found and completed on the link:- https://portalsalud.carm.es/portalsalud/principal/inicio#extranjeros

The boxes equate to:- Nombre – First name, Apellido 1/2 – First/second surname, DNI/NIF/NIE/PAS – NIE number, F. Nacimiento – Date of birth, Nº teléfono español – Spanish telephone number, Email – Email address, Tipo Via – type of street (dropdown list), in most cases on Camposol Calle or Avenida, Domicilio – Name of street and urbanisation, Numero – House/plot number, Poblacion – Town (Dropdown list) MAZARRON, C.P – Post Code (Camposol, 30875), T.S. Europea o documento similar – Active European Health Card or similar, Observaciones – Notes where applicable (in Spanish)

When completed in full click on “Guardar Cambios” to request the vaccination/s.

When your vaccination appointment is available you will be contacted on the Spanish telephone number you have registered (it may be some months), DO NOT Phone or visit the Camposol Consultorio to register or make enquiries.


COVID vaccinations have started at the Camposol Consultorio (Doctor’s surgery) on Sector A, these are being administered in strict rotation according to the Regional vaccination protocol, DO NOT VISIT OR TELEPHONE THE CONSULTORIO TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT, you or your registered translator will be contacted by phone when your vaccination is available and an appointment will be made.

Currently supplies are limited to the over 80’s who will receive a phone call when their vaccination is available, the rotation system starts with the oldest first working backward, there have been some language problems and the Councillor for Camposol, Silvana Buxton has volunteered to make the calls in order to overcome the language barrier AGAIN DO NOT PHONE THE COUNCILLOR TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

According to the Regional Health Authority it is hoped that the vaccination rollout will be extended to the 70 to 79 age group again starting with the oldest first in the mid to end of April, but this will depend on the supply and success of the current age programme, after the 70 to 79 group the focus will move on to the 54 to 69 age group no timing has been indicated at present.

The message from the Consultorio is to be patient you will be contacted when your dose is available, but it is important NOT TO VISIT OR PHONE THE CONSULTORIO TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT AS THIS COULD SLOW DOWN THE PROCCESS the staff are working as fast as possible to ensure the procedure is expedited in as short a time span as possible.

Sometimes “Living the dream” can have its torment

Billy and Cathie Moore are pensioners in their 70’s having lived in Camposol for some 14 years enjoying their retirement under the Spanish sunshine in their villa set in a row of properties on sector C, Billy is a well-known character on the urbanisation a flamboyant dresser, willing volunteer and prodigious fund raiser for local charities, in fact he was the original “Nurse Gladys” collecting donations for first responder organisation FAST.

On Monday November 30th their doorbell rang and the nightmare started, it seemed like an innocent caller from Aqualia the water company, but the visitor informed them that he was the meter reader and they had a big problem, he said their meter was spinning round like crazy and they should call an emergency plumber immediately, he then turned off their supply, Billy and Cathie duly called a plumber, to understand the water supply situation an explanation is required, Billy and Cathie’s property is the seventh from the end of a terraced row and as is common in this particular layout on Camposol their water meter is situated in a locked communal meter cupboard along with the other meters for the rest of the houses and is located in the wall of the end property 7 doors away from their villa, their supply pipe passes from the meter and under the properties in between, unfortunately a burst had occurred in their supply pipe as it passed under a villa MORE THAN HALFWAY ALONG THE ROW, although they were totally unaware of water spewing out of the ruptured pipe the water had still passed through their meter and hence was their responsibility, the plumber crawled under the houses and repaired the pipework, charged 100 euros and supplied the paperwork to be presented to Aqualia for the supply to be reinstated, Billy and Cathie took the paperwork to the Aqualia office where the staff told them to expect a big water bill but couldn’t provide an invoice or estimate at that time.

Weeks of trepidation passed and in late January the bill eventually arrived, anticipating the worst and expecting to see a bill in the amount of several hundred euros Billy and Cathie were mortified when they saw the Total due …. A whopping 3052.40 euros, more than all the previous 14 years of bills added together, currently Aqualia are looking into arranging staged payments but it is still a huge shock and the money will have to be found at some time from their fixed income, since the start of this ordeal which has caused Billy and Cathie endless sleepless nights and untold stress which has been very difficult to deal with in these unprecedented times.

Warning for Cars with UK registration plates 

As BREXIT begins to bite, changes in the law are now being enforced, in addition to the GB sticker regulations posted earlier on this site, Police are now enforcing the laws corresponding to vehicles bearing UK registration plates, on 20th January the Local Police visited Camposol and issued 11 fines and further action warnings for cars with UK plates having been in Spain for longer than 6 months, the UK Government website contains the following advice:-

If you register as a resident or spend longer than 6 months of the year in Spain, you must register your vehicle with the Spanish authorities and you may need to pay some taxes.

COVID-19 vaccination scam alert 

We are aware that some people are receiving suspicious calls, text messages and some face to face calls at the doorstep offering the COVID-19 vaccination.

To protect yourself and your family members from fraud and criminals, remember the following points.

The vaccine is only available on the NHS for free to people in priority groups, and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn. Anyone offering a paid-for vaccine is committing a crime.

The NHS will never ask you to press a button on your keypad or send a text to confirm you want the vaccine, and never ask for payment or for your bank details.

At the moment we are not making house calls to deliver or discuss the vaccine and we will never come to your house without an appointment. Anyone offering this now is committing a crime.

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up. If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft you should report this directly to the Police.


The UK Government have today (January 12th 2021) updated the Visas and residency section of the “Living in Spain” advice for expats with information on accepted residency documentation for UK nationals, the update is a link to Spanish Government guidance in English and Spanish including examples of the 3 types of proof of residence accepted as both proof of residency and benefits derived from the “Withdrawal Agreement” for those registered before 31st December 2020, here is the link:-



As the Brexit Transition Period has now finished vehicles with UK number plates have new GB sticker requirements  

If you’re in Spain, Cyprus or Malta, you must display a GB sticker no matter what is on your number plate. 

In EU Countries other than the 3 mentioned above you do not need a GB sticker if your number plate includes the GB identifier on its own or with the Union flag.

You do not need to display a GB sticker to drive in Ireland.

Apart from the 3 countries mention above you must display a GB sticker clearly on the rear of your vehicle if your number plate has any of the following:

A Euro symbol

A national flag of England, Scotland or Wales

Numbers and letters only – no flag or identifier

For more information, including documentation requirements here is a link to the UK Government advice for driving and using UK vehicles in the EU


Fiesta Days for 2021 

The following are holiday days when commercial and administrative establishments may be closed;

January 1 – New Year’s Day

January 6 – Three Kings

March, 19 – Saint Joseph Day

April 1 – Holy Thursday

April 2 – Holy Friday (Good Friday)

May 1 – Labour Day

June 9 – Murcia Region Day

October 12 – National Holiday of Spain

November 1 – All Saints Day

6th of December – Spanish Constitution Day

December 8 – Day of the Immaculate Conception

December 25 – Christmas Day

At the local level for Mazarrón Municipality the holidays are:

June 14 – Saint Antonio Day (replaces 13th which falls on a Sunday)

November 17 –  Mazarrón Holiday